Integrated rewards and engagement platform

Propel is an easy-to-use platform to manage your employee and channel partner rewards and engagement programs.

Performance Rewards

Reward and recognize your top performers

Personal Occasions

Make your employees and channel partners feel special on birthdays and other occasions

Promotional Activities

Engage your channel partners and employees

Engagement Initiatives

An engaged workforce is more productive

Milestone Awards

Recognize your channel partners and employees' support over time

Festival Giftings

Every festival deserves something special

Why Rewards and Engagement?

Rewarding employees and partners for their achievements is essential to boost motivation and improve retention. Motivated employees and partners deliver 9x more value than others. Propel is a simple, easy-to-use system which can be used for employee and channel incentives alike.

Features of Propel

Effortless Budgeting

Allows planning, analyzing and budgeting of rewards effectively and efficiently; choose the budget that best fits for your organisation

Multi level hierarchy

Build a hierarchy as per your organization, allow managers autonomy in rewarding

Approval Workflow

Maintain approval flows for reward disbursement

Point based Rewards

Disburse rewards in the form of points directly to the beneficiaries’ account

Points Redemption

Easy redemption process for the beneficiary against an extensive catalogue of vouchers

Real time Dashboard

Track and analyse the rewards disbursed on a real-time basis

Automated Gifting

Plan for future reward disbursement, rewards will be allocated on specified dates

Send Greetings

Send non-monetary appreciation and greetings

Custom Integration

Integration with existing system as per specific requirements

Benefits of Propel

Benefits for employers

  • Easy to use
  • Complete control
  • Automate rewards
  • Pay per feature

Benefits for employees and channel partners

  • Receive rewards directly
  • Redeem against a catalogue of vouchers
  • Freedom to choose your own rewards

Extensive catalogue for redemption

Propel provides over 100 different gift card brands across various categories.
We keep adding new brands to our catalogue every month.

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